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Nomadissem’s process is clear as day – from the first stage to the final garment, from fabric composition to our worker conditions, we’re committed to leading by example and effecting radical change in conventional fashion cycles.

Nomadissem does things properly, and what’s on show is the result of rigorous research and the highest standards. Natural materials; immaculate craftsmanship; fair wages and minimum environmental impact; all of the utmost importance to us.


As a Nomadissem piece is built to last a lifetime, we have carefully selected our suppliers in order to guarantee excellency in materials and craftsmanship.

All our garments are developed and manufactured in the North of Italy in artisanal studios that have a track-record in true Made in Italy excellency and guarantee the highest standards in terms of responsible business practices.

Suiting - Treviso, Italy

Nomadissem suiting is made in a female-founded and run atelier in the province of Treviso, in northern Italy. The atelier is well-recognised in the industry for its impeccable take on Italian tailoring and attention to detail. Every suit is made and finished by hand and is a true representation of Made in Italy excellency.

Dresses, tops & pants - Milan, Italy

Our atelier for dresses, tops and pants is located in the Tortona/Navigli area in the center of Milan, Italy. The family-run company was founded in the 1970's. The atelier is not only a leader in the couture technique of double-face but is also well known for its intrinsic knowledge of working with natural and precious fabrics such as wool, cashmere and silk. The production process follows traditional techniques with fabrics still cut by hand and garments finished by meticulous handiwork.

Shirting - Bologna, Italy

Impeccable shirting is one of the cornerstones of Nomadissem. That's why we collaborate with a shirtmaker near Bolonga, Italy that has a track record of 50 years in perfecting the art of shirt making. The atelier has a strong focus on craftsmanship and still uses the traditional and sartorial set-in method. The sleeves are set in by hand and details such as the buttons are sewn by hand as well.

Outerwear - Florence, Italy

Nomadissem has a strong focus on outerwear as its an essential part of any woman that's constantly on the go. That's why we collaborate with an outerwear maker near Florence, Italy, that has a great expertise in the production of luxury outerwear using Loro Piana fabrics. Moreover, with a strong focus on sustainability and being a carbon neutral company, makes it the perfect partner for Nomadissem.

Knitwear - Vicenza, Italy

Another cornerstone of Nomadissem is our knitwear that is made 100% in Italy using cashmere and wool from Loro Piana. The female-founded and run atelier is located in the area of Vicenza in northern Italy, where small production batches are produced either in house or within a 10 km radius from the atelier.


With the same care as we have selected our garment manufacturers, we have chosen our fabric suppliers. We work only with distinguished and certified suppliers from Italy, Switzerland, France, the UK and Japan that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

We are happy to introduce below some of our main fabric suppliers.

Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana's textile division produces superlative textiles using the world's finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations.

Loro Piana has always aimed to guarantee its customers uncompromising quality. The company is well aware of the lifestyles of its customers of reference and fully understands their needs and requirements, including the pleasure of counting on the highest quality in an extremely refined style. Loro Piana's incessant research has led to the Sports Fabrics line: new generations of fabrics in which the exceptional qualities of natural fibres are emphasised and enhanced by exclusive technical solutions to achieve maximum performance. Loro Piana combines in a single product the finest raw materials in the world and the most advanced technology for increased lightness, improved thermal insulation and utmost comfort. The result is an uncompromising synthesis of style and functionality.

Loro Piana Sport Fabrics are the ideal solution for clothes designed for work, travel, leisure and active sports. Refined, versatile and durable, these high-performance fabrics were designed to be used intensely and they preserve over time the elegance and quality of the garments.

In its collections, Nomadissem uses Loro Piana Sport Fabrics in combination with Loro Piana's Green Strom System as well as Clima System.

Green Storm System - This eco-sustainable treatment protects against external agents, ensuring absolute comfort while fully respecting the environment. The bio-based membrane is the greenest available on the market and comes from renewable plant resources. Green Storm System is complemented by the exclusive Rain System PFC Free treatment that is free of harmful substances for the environment.

Clima System - Loro Piana's pursuit of excellence has led to the creation of Clima System, the innovative system that provides extraordinary and unprecedented thermal comfort. The finest fibres meet the world's thinnest material: graphene. When this material comes in contact with the body, it absorbs its natural tea and redistributes it throughout the garment, creating the ideal temperature in just five minutes.

Jakob Schlaepfer, originally an embroidery company, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, has been enriching the world with fabrics for more than 100 years.

The unique combination of meticulous handiwork and industrial production leads to a luxurious product that captivates with its exclusivity and beauty. The fabrics are conceived, tested and realised in St. Gallen. Jakob Schlaepfer has continually adapted technological developments for the company’s own purposes. Today the firm uses laser cutting, digital printing and state-of-the-art embroidery machines. This has made the fabric processing options more comprehensive and multifaceted.

Jakob Schlaepfer is an inspiration to couturiers, architects and fabric enthusiasts all around the world.

Since 1918, Alumo's ideas and products have been taking shape in the peaceful seclusion of the Swiss mountains of the Appenzell region. Alumo's high-grade specialisation and cultivation of the art of weaving have turned them into a unique producer of both robust and delicate cotton fabrics in first-class quality. With Swiss values and local resources, Alumo pursues its mission to supply the best shirtmakers.

To achieve the highest quality, the entire production is done in-house in Appenzell. Traditional and passed-down techniques of weaving together with the blend of the yarn, are the cornerstones of Alumo's unique quality. With an incomparably soft and natural finish, using clear mountain spring water, fabrics are finished to Alumo quality. The entire production process corresponds to the world’s strictest environmental and sustainability standards.

Alumo's deep roots in the cultural characteristics of Switzerland have allowed them to outlive the movement to mass production. Just like a crystal in the globalised business world – steadfast and enduring.

Today in its fourth generation, Botto Giuseppe established his wool mill in Valle Mosso, in the province of Biella, in 1876.

Botto Giuseppe travels the world over on a quest for the finest raw materials from farms that share their commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Botto's emphasis on sustainability manifests itself as a tremendous effort along the entire chain, achieving excellent results in terms of products, people and workplaces. The Naturalis Fibra collection yarns, including sustainable yarns such as wool, cashmere, silk and linen are sourced from selected farms in Asia and Australia and are processed in the Tarcento facility, which uses only sustainable hydroelectric energy, produced by the dam and solar energy from photovoltaic panels.

The dyeing process is performed with sustainable dyes certified with Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate™. Botto Giuseppe also has an agreement with the Australian company Congi, which is acknowledged as sustainable for many factors, such as mulesing-free sheep, paddock rotation techniques to avoid impoverishing the soil, and the use of water fountains in breeding areas and in pastures.

Founded in 1922 and now in its fourth generation, Clerici Tessuto is one of the most renowned silk fabric producers in the world.

Over the years, Clerici Tessuto group has successfully combined traditional craftsmanship and the excellence of Como silk with research and innovation in yarns, weaving, warping and printing techniques.

Clerici Tessuto has committed itself to manufacturing products that follow precise ethical, social and environmental codes and holds the following certifications.

- Certification - a quality trademark of Italian silk fabrics that ensures the quality of the fabrics and the production processes used.

- GOTS Certification - In 2017, Clerici Tessuto received the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) for its fine organic silk and silk-wool blended fabrics.

- OEKO-TEX® Class II Certificiation - Clerici Tessuto holds the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

- FSC Certification - achieved in 2018, guarantees that the cellulose, the raw material for Clerici's viscose fabrics, are responsibly sourced and made.

GRS Certification - use of post-consumer recycled material that can be guaranteed through the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, obtained in 2019.

Tessil Biella was founded in 1958 in Vigiliano Biellese, in the mountainous area of Biella, where still today the sales, style and administrative offices are located, while production is carried out in various locations in the area, including dying and fishing.

Tessil Biella has committed itself to ensure that fabrics are not only of outstanding quality, but also guarantee a high standard of “responsible care” in order to follow the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, health and the environment.

Therefore Tessil Biella's collections largely meet the criteria for environmental, sustainable and socially responsible standards required by the global textile industry, and contain fabrics made with certified materials.

The following standards are in place for specific fabrics:

- Fabrics with organic wools certified by GOTS

- Fabrics with ZQ merino wool (ethical merinos by the New Zealand Merino Company)

- Fabrics with NATIVA fibre (by Chargeurs luxury materials)

- Mixed viscose yarns certified by FSC (Forests for all forever)

- Fabrics with Responsible Wool RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)

- Fabrics with Mohair MSA (sustainable Mohair South Africa)

Since 1969 Besani Srl has been producing dyed and mercerised knitted fabrics in 100% Makò cotton Filo Di Scozia, symbol of both high quality and Made in Italy.

Filo di Scozia is produced by using long staple Egyptian cotton that grows exclusively in the Delta of the Nile river and whose exceptional physical properties allow it to produce very fine and comfortable yet very resistant yarns. Filo Di Scozia fabrics by Besani are produced exclusively in the area of Varese in northern Italy.

Besani also holds the ITF certificate for Traceability & Fashion, which guarantees, with the supervision of the Italian chamber of commerce, that the entire production is made exclusively in Italy.

Linton Tweeds for more than 100 years have been producing fabrics of the highest quality for fashion houses around the world.

All fabrics are still designed and woven on site at the mill on Shaddongate, Carlisle – just as when the company was founded by William Linton in 1912.

Linton Tweeds works with fashion houses in London, Milan and New York, in markets across Europe, North America and Asia, and with luxury brands such as Burberry and Chanel – with whom Linton has worked alongside ever since William Linton was introduced to Coco Chanel back in 1924.